SWITZBERG™ Luxury Wall Safes
The world's first fully automated, hidden storage solution

Security, convenience, accessibility, and exclusivity. Swiss engineering, quality, and components in every piece. Click below to open our online configurator and customize your custom luxury wall safe.
Swiss Quality
Customizable & Handcrafted
Biometrical Opening System
Lifetime Warranty
When James Bond and Fort Knox met, Switzberg was born. Shifting the paradigm of what a luxury safe represents, straight out of a Hollywood movie and into your home. The brainchild of a Swiss Engineer, Switzberg offers the pinnacle of modern security and luxury. Designed and engineered in Switzerland using only the finest quality Swiss and German components, our luxury wall safes create an experience that enrich lives. Our products combine the highest level of security with convenient and easily accessible storage for all your precious valuables and heirlooms. Backed by a lifetime warranty and a team of dedicated professionals, Switzberg is proud to welcome you to our family.
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Standard Safe Features
Solid Steel Safe Body, Swiss & German Hinges & Motors
Leather Exterior (wide choice of colors)
Alcantara Interior lining (wide choice of colors)
Remote Control — Allows quick and easy access to unit
Patent-pending Premium Electro-Mechanical Locking System
Patent-pending Secondary Mechanical Locking System
Anti-Removal Mounting System
Emergency Access System — Safe can be opened without power
Elegant Exterior Mounting Options for Picture/Mirror/TV
Concealed Wiring Solution — Includes premium interior lighting
Safe Door Closing Sensor — Automatically detects objects
Fast Closure Door System — Closing in approx. 9 seconds
Sound Reduction Upgrade — Reduces sound from mechanisms
Watch Winders
Biometrical Access
Elegant Cash & Jewelry Storage options
Connection to a Smart House
Keep Your Valuables at Your Fingertips Without Compromising Security
Automated hidden SWITZBERG safes provide security for your favorite watch and jewelry collections and are art pieces on their own. SWITZBERG safe could be equipped with up to 50 automatic, individually programable watch winders.

  • Compact — 28"H x 40"W x 6"D
  • Mid-size — 28"H x 47.5"W x 6"D
  • Large — 35"H x 55.5"W x 6"
Your Precious Valuables Deserve the Best
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Security and Design in Every Detail
Each safe can be concealed with a television, painting, mirror, or ballistic glass. Mounting options include flush wall mount, partially recessed, or fully recessed to be completely hidden inside a wall. Most safes are made to order and configured to meet your individualized storage needs.
Four Easy Steps to Secure Your Switzberg Luxury Wall Safe
Connect to discuss your security and storage needs
Switzberg provides a preliminary estimate and design of your custom safe
After receiving 50% down payment and confirming your order, we start production. Standard manufacturing lead time is approximately 60 days.
Delivery and Installation
White glove delivery and installation is recommended.
Strong and Simply Stunning
Biometric or RFI Access
Opening options include remote, biometric fingerprint, or secret RFI opening system.
Jewelry & Watch Collection
Security and accessibility for your cherished collection. Standard sizes offer storage for jewelry and up to 50 automatic time pieces. Each winder can be individually programmed.
Exceptional Craftsmanship
Each safe is designed and manufactured using only the highest quality Swiss components and handcrafted by seasoned artisans.
Individual Mounting Options
Units can be conveniently mounted on any wall, with partially or fully recessed models for increased security.
Individual Design
All safes can be made to order in custom sizes with custom interior designs.
Lifetime Warranty
Our products are backed by an industry leading lifetime warranty.
Your Precious Valuables Deserve the Best
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